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Mixed feelings on day one of Mr Johnson having spoken to the nation…

As I approach 11am in Bishop’s Stortford I can honestly say that not as many as 5 cars have past my street. Interesting  times to say the least. I prefer strange and difficult as explained in an email last week from one of my employers. As I answer the many worried students that ask me what next… I, not unlike Mr. Johnson make it up, as there is no other way to do it during unprecedented times. It is the making up bit that has to be strong. Some make it up better than others and it truly shows. The various leaders across the World have been making it up for some weeks now and as we can honestly see, clearly some have lost from the making it up and others gained. What is clear is that nothing will be the same again. Yes this has been said before when earthquakes take place, when floods happen, when volcanoes erupt, when countries choose war, but this is the World brewing together and bang! This is the re-balance that the World was gurgling for. #GretaThunbergMessiah     As I write this virtual post I hear “service with a smile” the postie has just past my house, but no tangible post for us today.

Stella you puppy you

You have made the change I was looking for in a way that has been quiet and easy.

Thank you little one who teaches me to breathe and live my breath…

May you realise

May all those who have not yet realised that their time is a ticking, realise that it is…

Seeing the face of the person who knows, is quite different from one that doesn’t.

It is almost a sly smirk you see in the face of one who seems to have understood that it is only a matter of “real”time that will cause her to no longer be able to communicate as she has done always.

It is only a matter of time for him to allow his body to no longer fend for that extra breath that he took most certainly for granted before this moment.

To realise that your fate is numbered, is to also realise that others around you have more than you to look forward to, but that they too will see some realisation in what it is they see before them.

May you sleep soundly and no longer feel pain…



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